• Purdue University came to bo-mar for this project because they wanted more than a sign. They wanted a dramatic, artistic statement at the north end of Mackey arena.
  • Typically this type of signage would have been built using very light sheet metal and pop rivets. However, these materials leave unsightly gaps and bumps and nooks and crannies. We built the piece using 1/8 inch aluminum, which is flatter and more structurally sound.
  • They nicknamed this piece “The Beacon” – so you know it needs a lot of light! Inside the P there are 1000 LEDs. When we turned on the sign, it was like the scene in Christmas Vacation when Chevy Chase plugs in the lights! Bob says, “I had to take a moment and get my composure.”

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bo-mar Industries and Aussie Imports “Bo-mar Industries and Aussie Imports entered an agreement 4 years ago. This agreement required bo-mar to “re-engineer” drawings that used metric material stock so we could manufacture our products with stock available in the USA. Bo-mar also found several design changes that we could make that would allow them to […]

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