The Power of an ISO 9001:2008

That sounds fancy, doesn’t it?  For anyone who wants a brief explanation of all this ISO business, let’s simplify it.  ISO 9001:2008 is a quality management system that is used globally to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.  With this quality management system, there are several procedures in place for all bo-mar departments. […]

bo-mar at a glance

Here at bo-mar industries we pride ourselves on being anything but an ordinary job shop.  What makes us different?  For one, we’re not in business to mass produce parts for any particular industry.  bo-mar takes on a wide variety of projects, and we’re open to any project you may have for us!  We never know […]

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“Bo-mar has become much more than simply a metal fabricator for us. They are truly a trusted resource that we count on for insights and execution.”

Ken Boyce Ratio Architects