Company History

The story of bo-mar goes back over 25 years. It is a story of a shared idea and dedicated passion.


The early years: two brothers and a barn

bo-mar was established in November of 1991, when owners Bob and Mark Buchanan began work in a 1,000 square foot section of their father’s pole barn. Both Bob and Mark had worked in engineering and manufacturing. They had also built up a working machine shop over some twenty years of restoring and racing automobiles. At that point they decided to make their dreams of owning a metal fabrication shop come true.


Growth and expansion


Bo-mar’s current 38,000 sq ft facility

In 1995, after four years of working in “the barn,” the brothers ventured out and rented a 6,000 square foot building. That year they also purchased their first laser cutter, press brake, and shear. Their 6,000 square feet soon turned into 12,000 square feet. Eventually bo-mar utilized 18,000 square feet. Still growing, bo-mar purchased its own 38,000 square foot building in 2000.



Our present and future

Today, bo-mar has more than 50 skilled employees and an ever-growing range of metal fabrication tools and equipment. Because of the incredible advances, such as computer numerical control (CNC) technology, we can now do remarkable things in a fraction of the time it took in the “old days.” Yet we remain dedicated to the highest level of quality and accreditation.