Motorsports Metal Fabrication

While it is not a prerequisite for working at bo-mar, many of our employees here have a passion for motorsports. With our headquarters in Indianapolis, we have the opportunity to work with many motorsports operations. Some racing teams even think of bo-mar as an extension of their own shops.


Our motorsports fabrication experience


Dyno parts

We have worked with teams to produce everything from simple brackets to chassis dynamometers, in quantities of one to low volume production.


Our partnerships with the racing industry have been successful due to our variety of equipment — Mazak laser cutters, Flow waterjets, HAAS Machine Centers, and Virtek Laser Scanner. The Virtek machine, specifically, provides a crucial advantage for our customers. It allows us to reverse engineer parts and assemblies in minutes, not hours. When parts are scanned on the Virtek, a 2-D drawing of the part is automatically created. The drawing can then be saved for further engineering or sent directly to the waterjet for cutting. View the full list of our equipment.


Driven by precision

When you trust us with your motorsports fabrication, we promise to strive for efficiency, race against time to meet your deadline and help you cross the finish line with a high-quality product. Our driving force is precision, performance and customer satisfaction. Contact us today.