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There is power beyond the specifications

Precision metal fabrication calls for the most advanced technology available. We use close-tolerance, high-quality laser and waterjet machines for exact measurements. Using the best technology and equipment in the industry, we can deliver custom designs in the material you need, be it metal, plastic or wood. Beyond the specifications are insights that come from understanding the challenges you face and how best to reach your goals.


With over 20 years of experience in designing, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing, we have the proven track record that shows we are much more than a metal shop. We will look at your challenge from every angle. We’re excited to dive into the details and find creative paths to performance.


Let’s talk

Bring us your project requirements. Don’t be surprised if we ask questions and dive deeply into the all specifications with you. We want to see the complete picture so you can too. To get started, contact us.