Video blog: Steel fabrication with minimal welds

By: Blog Editor

In this video blog, Bob shows how bo-mar fabricated an intricate, curved steel architectural piece using a single piece of ½-inch steel and our cutting tools. This technique minimized the number of welds required and created a better-looking result. For more information about the equipment we use for steel fabrication, click here: metal fabrication equipment





This is all made out of one piece of ½-inch steel. Here it’s been segmented and welded so it’s a flat piece and a flat piece and we would cut this curve out and weld it in – but you can see it’s a perfect join. The typical shop that didn’t have water jet or laser would have built this out of flat bar, flat bar, another flat bar, and then roll this piece. I’d say there would be 20 components here welded together. You wouldn’t have straight corners. You’d have areas where you need to weld and grind. This is perfect right out of the gate.


  • Metal Fabrication | January 22, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the best tips public on Steel fabrication

  • Joel | October 21, 2015

    Thanks for showing how to weld steel together. A friend of mine works in the steel fabrication industry. I’ll have to show this to him and see what he says. Thanks for sharing!

  • Peterwalf | June 11, 2015

    You have done good job with fabrication on steel and thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Kelsey | May 05, 2015

    It is amazing to think what all can be done with steel. My father has always been fascinated with working one steel. He is looking to start a few projects soon too actually.