Video blog: Stainless steel surface finishes

After all the work you put in to designing a piece, choosing a finish treatment might seem like an afterthought. It is anything but. The finish you choose has an impact not just on appearance, but on durability and maintenance.   In this video, you’ll find out about the benefits and drawbacks of different stainless […]

How to ensure you get the weld you want

[grid] [col-5-8] When it comes to welding – and fabrication in general – how do you define what you expect? How do you communicate the level of quality you want? There are a lot of things you can put in writing, like specific materials or techniques. But things like appearance can be hard to quantify. […]

For prototype development, the 4Fs are more important than 3D

Every product starts with an idea. From there, it often goes to the prototype stage. We’ve built a lot of prototypes at bo-mar using metal and laser cutters. Lately it seems everyone is excited about the prospects of developing prototypes with 3D printers instead. But there’s one good reason why I’m not dropping thousands of […]

Video blog: Mazak laser cutter

Throughout the year, I’ll be posting short videos about the various pieces of metal fabrication equipment used at bo-mar industries. This week’s video is about the advantages and disadvantages of the 2500 watt Mazak laser cutter. We have lasers from 1000 watts up to 4000 watts at bo-mar industries. Each has a purpose in our […]

Project update: Using architectural metal fabrication to unbend a curve

[grid] [col-5-8] When it comes to architectural metal fabrication, sometimes we do our best work under pressure. That was certainly the case in March, when a downtown Indianapolis restaurant, The Tilted Kilt, needed to create an outdoor bar area in time for the NCAA Final Four. A big sponsor had rented the area, so it […]

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